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HickoryThe time tested floor covering

For hundreds of years wood has been used to beautify, as well as enhance living space.  From oak, to ash, to maple, Mr. Floor will provide you with a myriad of choices.  We will assist you in selecting the wood species that best suites your decor and lifestyle. 

Stop in to see our in-house custom flooring designs and let our qualified sales staff take you through this decision process.

Automatically increase the value of your home with the installation of wood flooring. Research shows that homes with wood floors sell quicker than those without. There are no guarantees, but if you are investing into the future, wood is a good bet. 

Wood floors are known for their longevity and ease of maintenance.

Install wood in any part of your home except: Basements (see: Laminates, Tile, Carpeting) and Bathrooms (see: Tile).

Pre-Finished and Unfinished Surfaces

Hardwood floors are available in either pre-finished or unfinished varieties.  Pre-finished floors are already sanded and finished at the factory and are installed without the need for a sanding and finishing process.  Contact Mr. Floor for the latest in environmental polyurethane coatings.



Unfinished floors are raw floors that need to be sanded and finished in your home. 

Research shows that homes with wood floors sell quicker than those without.





hardwood 2About Sub-Floors

SUB-FLOOR PRE-REQUISITES: 3/4" thick plywood is a must for all solid 3/4" thick flooring. Sub-flooring for all other thinner floors must be inspected. We will be the experts in making sure your floors are installed properly.


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Let us examine your specific situation and recommend what works best for you.


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