Wood Cabinetry Cleaner – 5 Gallon Pail


Five Gallon Refill.  Mr. Floor’s Wood Cabinetry Cleaner is specially formulated to properly clean wood cabinetry.  Since it is non-acidic, it will not remove your finish or dull the cabinet’s surface.

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    5-Gallon Refill. Mr. Floor’s Wood Cabinetry Cleaner is uniquely formulated to safely and effectively clean any type of wood cabinetry.  Like our other cleaners. it is non-acidic and will not compromise catalyzed, “baked-on”, or water-born finishes.  It is perfectly balanced to clean fingerprints, grease and other typical kitchen and household dirt.  Mr. Floor Wood Cabinetry Cleaner is environmentally safe and fully biodegradable.  Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners that might ruin your finish.  Mr. Floor Wood Cabinetry Cleaner will keep your cabinets clean while protecting the finish.

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    Weight44 lbs
    Dimensions15 × 12 × 12 in
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