Ceramic Tile

Check out our wide selection of new, designer styles and colors. Let us help you coordinate your new kitchen or bathroom. Ceramic tile has traditionally been used in bathrooms and kitchens. Porcelain tile is ideal in those areas of the house where there is the possibility of water exposure or high traffic. Visit our custom showroom for a complete explanation.

SUB-FLOOR PRE-REQUISITES: If you have plywood sub-floors, all ceramic tiles will be installed over a thick 1/2″ cement board system. This gives rigidity to the sub-structure and prevents potential cracked tiles in the future. Those who live in condominiums or high-rise buildings with concrete sub-floors do not need this added structure protection. However, your building likely has an acoustical requirement.  We will with your building management regarding sound code compliance and make sure everything is done right. All Ceramic Tile is not created equal.  Did you know that there are different durability levels of ceramic tile? Some are more brittle than others. Mr. Floor carries only sturdy, commercially rated ceramic and porcelain tiles for your protection.

Ceramic tile in a rustic Chicago foyer