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BBB Accreditation means that our company operates honestly and with integrity. We are proud to have been accredited for 20 consecutive years… and counting.

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Below is a selection of testimonials from recent clients:

5 star review 5 stars!  12/3/2021
I would like to recognize Mr. Risman for exceptional service. They didn’t fall short of my expectations. They met my expectations in all areas.
Beatriz L, Northfield, IL 

5 star review 5 stars!  12/3/2021
They were excellent communicators. I received daily updates, along with pictures. It was the best customer service I have had in along time. Igor has been my sales representative for the past twenty years, so that says something about the longevity of the employees at the company. He was excellent, professional, and he answered all of my questions in an extremely timely fashion. They made it easy for me to live in my house while the project was going on. I didn’t think the fumes were so bad. They never kicked up too much dust. It was easy for me to live there while the project was going on. I appreciated that. They were great!
Lori S, Wilmette, IL
5 star review 5 stars!  12/2/2021
I’ve used them twice and have been very satisfied both times. I would like to recognize Joe, the project manager. He did a great job! They just, overall, did a great job!
Erin W, Chicago, IL
5 star review 5 stars!  12/1/2021
They were very thorough and did a great job. My floors look gorgeous.
Becca B, Buffalo Grove, IL
5 star review 5 stars!  12/1/2021
Great service and attention to detail. Kept us updated and informed. Final results were excellent!
Paul C, Northbrook, IL
5 star review 5 stars!  11/29/2021
Matt Berger was an amazing sales person. He communicates well and was very professional.
Kevin C, Chicago, IL
5 star review 5 stars!  11/28/2021
Our experience with everyone at Mr Floor was exceptional! Their work was top notch! Our project manager was very proactive and kept in touch with me at least twice a day to let me know how the work was going. The two gentlemen who actually did the work did an outstanding job on our floors! I was very impressed with the workmanship.
Marcia K, Glenview, IL
5 star review5 stars!  11/27/2021
We got twice daily updates o the project including photos of what was done each day. That was great! We get compliments on the floor from everyone who enters our home.
Nikki G, Arlington Heights, IL
5 star review 5 stars!  11/25/2021
The floors were excellent. The color was excellent. The guys that came in and sanded and did the work, were really good. They were informative about what they were doing, and how long it would take.
Tim C, Wilmette, IL