25,000 Wood Floors
in Every Bottle

Mr. Floor has completed over 25,000 floor installations and repairs
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Mr. Floor Wood Floor Cleaner is the result of installing, refinishing and deep cleaning over 25,000 wood floors since 1987. You can’t fake the years of hands-on experience and expertise that we put in each bottle.

Mr. Floor Wood Floor Cleaner is the result of installing, refinishing and deep cleaning over 25,000 wood floors since 1987. You can’t fake the years of hands-on experience and expertise that we put in each bottle.


What is the Best Wood Floor Cleaner?

The #1 job of a wood floor cleaner is to release dirt, grease and grime from the polyurethane finish of your wood floor. No cleaner does this like Mr. Floor.  Our team of wood floor experts has formulated a proprietary mixture of environmentally friendly surfactants that separate foreign particles from the floor and then suspend them in solution. As you mop, the dirty cleaning solution is picked up, leaving your floor “white sock clean” and haze-free.

To clean your floor and keep it looking like new, you have to have the right tools. While it’s not rocket science, you’ll be surprised by our last recommendation. Here’s a hint. A bucket is NEVER on the list. >>


When it comes to the science and reality of cleaning a hardwood floor, don’t take advice from Martha Stewart. How many wood floors do you think she’s installed and cleaned in her life? 🙂>>

Over time, dissolved dirt and grease form a stubborn film that adheres to your floor. This layer of grime is impervious to typical floor care. A mechanical deep cleaning is the only way to release and remove these contaminants. >>
To understand why our wood floor cleaner is the best, we’ll need to talk a little chemistry. If you’re rolling your eyes at the prospect of technical talk, then just buy our cleaner. The science is in every bottle! >>

Chicago's Leader in Flooring Sales & Service

Since 1987, Mr. Floor has provided Chicago, North Shore and suburban homeowners and businesses with the finest hardwood flooring, installation, refinishing and repair. Over 25,000 satisfied customers reflect our consistency, commitment to service and value.

Carrying one of the largest proprietary selections of hardwood flooring in Chicagoland, we guarantee the highest level of product quality and service. From hundreds of engineered, pre-finished and unfinished wood floor options; to natural stone, ceramic, carpeting and decorative polymer flooring, the possibilities are endless!

And as our showroom highlights, we offer imaginative and affordable kitchen and bath remodeling and design services from our in-house NKBA certified kitchen and bath team.

Loyal Customers, Our Prices for Cleaning Products Are Increasing May 15, 2023

Now is the time to stock up on your favorite cleaners and to take advantage of the decade old pricing!

For over a decade we’ve kept the same prices for our cleaners even as our costs increased each year. Unfortunately, the inflation of the past two years has taken its toll and as a result, we must increase the price for gallon refills as indicated below.

  • $28 for gallon refills (up from $25)
  • $15 for quarts with spray trigger bottle
  • $13 for quart refills

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Learn why over 25,000 Chicago area homeowners have chosen Mr. Floor for hardwood flooring, installation, refinishing and repairs. >>


Refinishing a hardwood floor can make it look like new. Here’s what you should know before deciding to sand and refinish your wood floors. >>


Water is the enemy of a wood floor and is the #1 cause of wood floor damage. Here are our tips on minimizing water damage to your wood floor. >>


Put down the Murphy’s Oil Soap and bucket of water, and learn how to properly clean and care for your wood floor. >>

Appearing Regularly on WGN Radio!

David Hochberg, Show Host

We participate in a weekly call-in radio program with a focus on home improvement. Home Sweet Home Chicago boasts a panel of experts assembled to help make buying, selling, remodeling, landscaping and caring for your home a breeze. Igor Murokh shares his expertise and thought leadership on all topics related to keeping your home clean and your investment in your beautiful home secure. 

The show’s host, David Hochberg, is a happy Mr. Floor customer having hired us several times to work in his home!

Igor Murokh, Mr. Floor
I ordered Mr. Floor wood floor cleaner and I was sent a little more than I initially ordered.  When I contacted customer service to return the extra, Mr. David Shiba kindly advised that I should pass the product on, so I did to my son.  I used the product on my wood floors and the floors look terrific.  I previously used a different product (Murphy’s wood cleaner)  and the floors were a little sticky but Mr. Floor wood floor cleaner cleaned that up perfectly.  The other night I went to my son’s house for dinner and I looked at his floors which were suddenly amazing and asked if he so happened to use the Mr. Floor wood cleaner that I had given him.  He said “yep, and don’t they look great!”  It almost looked like he had the floors restained. They shined for the first time in a long time.  I have used the counter cleaner as well and my counters have come to life again.  Thank you not only for the extra but for your product.  It’s really good!    

— Dolores Salituro