Instructions for Cleaning Your Wood Floor

1. Vacuum or Dry Mop the Wood Floor Using Your Microfiber Mop and a Dry Pad.

This step removes the dry surface dirt and grit, pet hair, and anything loose on the floor.  I like to use a dry microfiber pad and carefully walk up and down the room, like a “mop boy” does on a basketball court. The key is to do it in a continuous motion or path so that the mop never leaves the floor and you’re making one pass next to another.

When I think there’s a bunch of dirt and dust under the mop, I end my serpentine path in a corner or area of the room where I can safely collect the dirt for later pickup.  I actually use a vacuum to immediately clean up the pile of dirt and to vacuum off the microfiber mop head after each pass, but you can just bump the dust off the mop and bring out the vacuum later.

The bottom line is that you’ve got to remove all of the loose dirt prior to wet cleaning the floor, or your results will not be very good.

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2. Use Mr. Floor Wood Floor Cleaner and a Microfiber Mop to Loosen and Lift Up Dirt and Grime

Now that the floor is free of loose dirt, we’re going to use Mr. Floor cleaner and some elbow grease to release dirt and grime from the floor, suspend the dirt in the cleaning solution, and pick it up with the microfiber mop pad.

To do this, spray the cleaner on the floor in a small area, (mist, not puddle), wait 30-seconds to let the cleaner work, and then using a good amount of pressure, use the mop to “scrub” the floor. The microfiber pads will supply the mechanical friction required to release the dirt that the Mr. Floor Wood Floor Cleaner has loosened. Once loosened, the microscopic grime will be suspended in the droplets of cleaning solution that will ultimately absorbed by the microfiber mop pad.

Depending on the amount of grease and grime on your floor, you may need to spray and go over the same area a couple of times. Keep going back and forth over the floor until the cleaning solution is absorbed by the mop and any dampness is gone. This is a critical step because if you see that the floor is still wet, that means you’ve got cleaning solution with suspended dirt still on the floor.  To get a haze-free shine, all of the solution must be absorbed and picked up off the floor.

Be prepared to change your mop pad once or twice when cleaning a kitchen floor or any larger area. A clean mop pad is a must to a haze free floor!

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3. The Key to Removing Any Haze From Your Floor

If you’re really a fanatic about a clean floor, go one step further and after you’ve cleaned the floor with Mr. Floor Cleaner, buy a bunch of 16” x 9” bar towels, fold them in thirds, put them under your mop handle, and buff the floor.  You’ll deepen the shine and will pick up any solution that may have dried on the floor.  You’ll be shocked at the results!

Click here for instructions on deep cleaning a wood floor.

We’re always here to answer any questions.  Thank you again for selecting Mr. Floor Wood Floor Cleaner.