Mr. Floor Cleaning Products

The flooring, countertops, kitchens and baths that Mr. Floor installs are all designed to last a lifetime.  However, proper cleaning and maintenance is essential not only to keeping surfaces looking bright, but also performing well for years.

Over our many years in business we have found that the biggest problem with most over-the-counter cleaning products is that they are typically all-purpose or multipurpose cleaners.   Cross contamination has been a major issue for a lot of our clients where cleaners have caused more harm than good.  For example most wood floor cleaners contain oils and waxes.  They make the floors shiny but in the process create a residual buildup over time.  This oily/waxy layer then acts like a magnet that attracts more dust and dirt and then each subsequent cleaning causes more and more layering.  This trapped debris then acts like fine sandpaper that scuffs and breaks down the protective polyurethane coating causing premature wear.

Being a wood flooring contractor we see these issues daily and are constantly re-educating consumers on the correct ways to maintain their surfaces.  Our wood floor cleaner has no oil or wax in the mixture and does not cause this buildup or any of the associated problems with it.  In fact our clients generally get an average of 30-50% more life out of their wood floors due to the use of our cleaners.  Our entire line of products is non-toxic, biodegradable and is specially formulated not to harm or coat the surface that is being cleaned. Because all our products are pre-mixed and are sprayed directly onto the surface, we control the amount of cleaning product being applied, and in the case of the wood floors the amount of water as well.  A bucket of water and a mop is the surest way to ruin a wood floor!

Our products were developed over the course of the last ten years out of a need for correct and controlled cleaners that protected the floors and surfaces we installed.  Our cleaning products are designed:

  • Not to contain any oils or waxes
  • To clean and disinfect the intended surface without hurting or damaging the coating or seal
  • To control the amount of water used by having the product dispensed out of a spray bottle

Most of our clients will simply hand the premixed bottle of cleaner to their cleaning person to use.  Cleaning people love it because there is no mixing or worrying about maintaining proper proportions of cleaning products and water.  The products are very easy to use and deliver great results.