pensive-blonde-woman-600vHaving a beautiful wood floor installed in your Chicago home is an investment that should last for many years. But specifying, sourcing and installing a wood floor that looks great and performs well requires expertise and experience.

Like any home renovation or remodeling project, there should be a well-considered process to selecting a wood floor that meets your aesthetic and budgetary needs. Here are the steps that we recommend when selecting a wood floor and flooring professional.

1 – Location & Lifestyle

Understanding the unique requirements that your home, location and lifestyle might require from your floor is the first step of the process. The answers to questions about the type of home you live in, the rooms to be floored, and how each space is used helps to determine the type of wood flooring and installation technique that will enhance both performance and enjoyment.

2 – Color & Hue

One of the marvelous aspects of wood is its ability to take on a broad range of colors and hues. Don’t let a flooring store persuade you that dark floors are walnut and light floors are maple. By choosing a light, medium or dark palette as the second step, a well-trained flooring specialist can offer the broadest range of species and floor types to satisfy your aesthetic desires.

3 – Grain & Texture

After selecting a palette for the floor, the next step is to choose the overall appearance of grain and texture. The wood species,grain, wood grade, length, width and cut combine to create a sense of visual drama or detail for your wood floor.

4 – Design Elements

Wood and artistry go hand-in-hand. The opportunity to create unique patterns, borders and designs are nearly limitless. Contrast and definition can be added to a floor by using different color stains or species in combination with one another. Bringing in stone, steel, concrete or glass can transform a floor into something sculptural and alive.

5 – Sanding & Finish

The preparation, sanding and finishing of your hardwood floor are the critical steps that insure its longevity and beauty. Learn more about the process here.


By Igor Murokh

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