Natural Stone Tile

Enhance your home with the natural beauty of our fine natural stone collection. If there is a particular color, style or size that you need, Mr. Floor will have it. There is no question why people desire marble or granite. These stones take millions of years to ripen into its finished product. There is no mistaking this in your home. Display natural stone in public, as well as private areas of your home. Picture a beautiful foyer or entrance, or a stunning master bathroom. There is no limit to where you can use these products. Ask your sales representative about our custom designed “CAD-Drawn” flooring. If you can imagine it we can fabricate it. FYI: Natural stone tends to be on the higher end of the price scale, however continue to check with Mr. Floor for special offers.

SUB-FLOOR PRE-REQUISITES: If you have plywood sub-floors, all tiles will be installed over a 1/2″ thick cement board system. This gives rigidity to the sub-structure and prevents potential cracked tiles in the future. Those who live in condominiums or high-rise buildings with concrete sub-floors do not need this added structure protection. However, you will likely need to comply with the building’s acoustical requirements. Mr. Floor will check with your building management regarding sound code compliance to be sure everything is done correctly.

A natural stone entry can transform the entry to a home