Wood Floor Cleaner – Quart w/Trigger


Mr. Floor’s Wood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated to properly clean all types of wood floors.  Since it is non-acidic, it will not remove your finish or dull the floor’s surface.  It is perfectly balanced to clean without harming; no more smelly, toxic odors.  It is environmentally safe and fully biodegradable.

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Mr. Floor Wood Floor Cleaner is exclusively formulated to be the most effective and safe way to clean your solid or laminate wood flooring.

  • Non-acidic and Ph balanced
  • Won’t leave a haze or residue
  • Mild, fresh scent
  • No mixing required – ready to use!
  • Environmentally safe and fully biodegradable

Most “all-purpose cleaners” leave a residue that encapsulates dirt, dust and debris. Foot traffic causes dirt particles to act like abrasives on your floor – wearing it out and dulling the shine prematurely.

To keep your floor looking like new, you need to clean it regularly to remove residue and dirt that can cause scratching. While all cleaners might seem the same, they simply are not!

While Mr. Floor Wood Floor cleaner is not a disinfectant, the CDC recommends cleaning your floor, countertops and other hard surfaces before you apply disinfectant like a 60% mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol, or a diluted mixture of bleach and water. We’ve written extensively about the proper procedure for cleaning your wood floors during the COVID-19 crisis.

We also provide detailed instructions on deep cleaning your wood floors using Mr. Floor Wood Floor Cleaner.  The list of tools you need to clean a wood floor also provides hints and tips on making sure your wood floor is shiny and not hazy.

(Please note, the price for a quart spray is increasing to $18 on May 15, 2023)


Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 12 in


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