Wood Floor Seasoning

Wood Seasoning: The Secret to a Great Wood Floor

What’s most interesting is someone can purchase a truck, buy tools, print up some business cards, and consider himself a flooring professional. Generally if you were to ask that person to show you his Moisture Meter or his Thermo-Hygrometer the answer would be “What’s that?”

extech-moisture-meter-home-depotIt turns out that the inexperienced floor installer, along with most consumers, has never heard of such things. At Mr. Floor we use these instruments daily to ensure our wood products will function properly after installation.

A Moisture Meter is used to test the amount of dampness in th wood and the sub-floor prior to the installation of a wood floor. As trained flooring professionals, we know that there are specific environmental requirements that must be met prior to installing a wood floors.

chicago wood floor acclimation room

Temperature & humidity controlled

Just as a fine Cigar is placed into a humidor, our wood is stored in a humidor-like environment to allow it to season to proper acclimation conditions. In our “Acclimation Room” all wood is kept in an environment that replicates the current season. Our intent is to mimic the conditions in your home so that wood is ready to be installed at a moments notice.

Prior to installation our Project Managers will monitor the temperature and humidity of your home, asking you to either increase or decrease temperature. We may even ask you to increase the setting on your humidifier or to run a dehumidifier to achieve proper environmental equilibrium. Once the jobsite is ready to receive our acclimated wood, the installation can start immediately. No delays.

Don’t let your home be used as a warehouse where wood is stocked in your living room for acclimation. Hire Mr. Floor to do what it takes behind the scenes to make sure your floors are done right and stay that way for many years to come.

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