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Steam Cleaners for Your Wood Floor?

You’ve seen them on Sunday morning television. They’re the miracle shark-like steam cleaning mops that clean, sanitize and even disinfect! What could be better than a wood floor so clean you could eat off of it? Here’s what’s better . . . a floor that still looks like new. A floor that hasn’t had steam […]

Cleaning and Maintaining Marble Countertops

Cleaning and Maintaining Marble, Limestone and other Calcareous Stone Countertops There are two broad categories of stones used in countertops. The first is siliceous. Siliceous stone is made largely of silica a quartz-like mineral. Examples of Siliceous stone include granite, bluestone, slate, sandstone and quartzile, which has become very popular recently. The second category of […]

Cleaning Ceramic Tile and Grout

If you’ve got ceramic tile in your bathroom, especially above the tub or in the shower, then you know the challenges of keeping the tile and grout free from soap scum, mildew and sometimes even mold. You’ll find thousands of do-it-yourself remedies to rejuvenate moldy grout, but this page is about keeping grout from turning […]