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Engineered Wood Flooring and Dry Cupping in the Winter

Is Your Wood Floor Cupping During the Winter? During the winter Mr. Floor traditionally receives a high number of calls from Chicagoland customers who are seeing gaps between the planks of their hardwood floors. As we’ve written in previous publications, during the winter hot air loses its ability to hold moisture and unless humidity is […]

Chicago Winters and Your Wood Floor

From Naperville to the North Shore, this Chicago winter is going to be a doozy! While we all wait for Spring, your floor may have suffered the consequences of the coldest winter in recent memory. First, you already know that salt, dust and debris are the enemy of your beautiful hardwood floor. Wipe up salt […]

Steam Cleaners for Your Wood Floor?

You’ve seen them on Sunday morning television. They’re the miracle shark-like steam cleaning mops that clean, sanitize and even disinfect! What could be better than a wood floor so clean you could eat off of it? Here’s what’s better . . . a floor that still looks like new. A floor that hasn’t had steam […]