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Spot Refinishing Your Wood Floor Why We Won’t Do It

Dark Oak Flooring

If there’s a single type of call that we receive most often from homeowners it is a call about worn spots in front of high traffic areas – refrigerator, sink, range, or desk. They’re asking how much it will cost to spot refinish just a portion of their hardwood or engineered wood floor. Believe me. […]

Balls of Polyurethane Finish Popping Up on Your Floor

For many, summer means concerts at Millennium Park, margaritas on the deck and bubbles in the pool.  When we think of summer at Mr. Floor, we think about the dozens of calls we receive from homeowners who are watching bubbles of finish pop up between the cracks of their new wood floors. Beads of Finish […]

Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago Grand Staircase

University of Chicago, Ida Noyes Hall

Designed in 1916 by the firm Shepley, Rutan & Collidge, the Ida Noyes Hall at the University of Chicago began life as a women’s gymnasium and social center. Lovingly maintained for nearly 100 years, the magnificent interior of the building features decorative oak wainscoting, a molded plaster ceiling with medallions and marvelous oak flooring.  Today […]