Granite Countertop Cleaning and Care

Granite is a natural stone that will stand up to years of wear and tear. Consumer Reports still rates it among the most functional and sought-after counter top materials and with the right care it will continue to shine.

The first thing to know about granite is that no two pieces are alike. While that’s part of its charm, it also means you need to know your countertop. Specifically, some granite counters will need more maintenance than others, making it important for you to adjust your cleaning and sealing regimen to the stone you own.

In general, lighter colored granite tends to be more porous than darker varieties and thus require more frequent sealing and a bit more care to avoid staining. Common dark varieties like Uba Tuba, Absolute Black or Blue Pearl are fairly impenetrable and sealing them is a once in five years event.

While you should always rely on your stone fabricator, (hopefully one here in Chicago,) for care requirements, a good rule of thumb is that light granite should be sealed bi-annually and darker versions can go for several years without re-sealing.

Granite sealing has become so simple however – just wipe on and wipe off – that I would suggest bi-annual treatment if you’re at all concerned. It’s the perfect family event right after the holiday cooking is over or perhaps during your annual Spring cleaning!

Daily Cleaning of Granite Countertops

For everyday cleaning of granite countertops you can use a mild soap and water. The problem, of course, is that soap typically leaves a film on granite, dulling the beautiful shine. One way to minimize streaks and speed the cleaning of large counters is to use a bathroom squeegee to clear the water and then follow up with a kitchen towel for a final drying.

For those who want to avoid streaks and the hassle of using a squeegee, choose a high quality spray-on stone cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia, vinegar or other harsh chemicals that can remove the sealant from the stone. Simply spray on and wipe off.

Mr. Floor offers a natural stone countertop cleaner that is specially formulated for granite and marble. There’s enough cleaning power in our exclusive blend to remove stains and disinfect the surface, but the cleaner does not contain the harsh chemicals that would remove the stone’s sealant. It’s especially convenient for touchups after light food prep or a small spill.

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